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traight ga●me.In both207 countries Fra▓nce had friends, and in both c▓ountries, therefore, were traitors ●to their own cause, and still more to that of th▓eir British allies. Whatever w▓as the




result of the hard work and fi●ghting in the Peninsula from 1808 to 1814, th●e British certainly owe no debt of grat▓itude to either Spain or Portugal.The utter in▓gratitude of both nations towards the insu▓lar power who alone of all the▓ nations of Europe gave them practical hel▓

p, is more than apparent.The Iberian Penins●ula was, and is, full of the graves of br●ave men who fought to save a country that had no●t the intelligence to save itself.Its c●offers were filled with hard-▓earned British gold, which they▓ had not the grace to acknowle▓dge. But the long war did one thing.It▓ trained British officers and Br▓itish soldiers to fight the last great fight i▓n Europe for many a

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year. Though the army at ●Waterloo contained but a pro▓portion of the Peninsular veteran●s, the glory of the work they had d

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on▓e, the conviction of their own military ●masterfulness, the memory of● what the army had been there, w▓as a great factor in


the final struggle agai●nst the greatest military power in Euro▓pe, when that final struggle ▓came. The teaching and the gl


ory● of the Peninsula made raw so●ldiers fight at Quatre Bras and Waterl●oo as brave men should.Peninsular victori▓es had wipe

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d out the remembrance of m●any years of either only part▓ial success or actual defeat, and had c●arried the enthusiastic moral?/p>

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馿 all armies should have bac●k to the best days of Blenheim and Rami●lies. Thus things were when the▓ return from Elba was


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with or for.Omit England

devised, and, “with the▓ violets in the spring,” Napole▓on returned to France.At the mome▓nt of his return the French army num▓bered in round number

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’s part in the

s about 150,000 men, ●and this he speedily increased to ▓200,000, a small body to meet the huge m▓asses that were putting themselves i●n motion for hi

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grea▓t Peninsul

s destruction.There were the Rus▓sians about Poland, numbering 280,000●; the Austrians were 250,000 strong; Prussia al●one could furnish 200,000 men; a

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